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Ma Hye Ri: Did we come this much before. The road seems like it got longer.

Seo In woo: It probably did.

MHR: What?

SIW: I made it longer.

MHR: Oh, whatever. Let’s go quickly.

*one of the sweetest! :))

valley of childish things: Prosecutor Princess >>


Korean dramas are definitely fun to watch, there are those that will make your heart flutters because of sweet moments,while some will catch your attention not because it has a good story line but because there are some episodes which you can relate to (for example: writing or coffee.) Yet, no…

"Miss Ma Hye-ri. How old are you now? Where are you living now? No… Where are you residing now? Right now, I followed you and moved. I am currently at the home with the terrace that I moved to, following you. It is so nice here. In a place as nice as this, I’m preparing for your troubled times. Being with you, will make me feel both happy yet unsettled, not knowing that there’d be a turn of events in my plan, blaming my arrogant self for choosing you, knowing that you’ll be hurt… I’m still going to hurt you. I will end up not being able to stop. So, the words “I’m sorry”, I can’t say them. Hye-ri, don’t eat only grass and live long in good health. Find a person that loves you very much, meet a person who will erase the wounds I gave you and… Be happy. So I can be less sorry towards you. When you hear this, I wish that you’re 77. Like in Titanic, your loving daughter or granddaughter, telling them how when you were young, innocent, immature and beautiful, there was one who made your life a living hell… Such a jerk existed but, despite what he did, I lived well while laughing. When you can freely talk badly about me, I hope it would be then. I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…"

-Seo In Woo’s hidden alarmclock message (Episode 13 - Prosecutor Princess)


Just finished ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’


And I’d have to say that it’s definitely on my list of favorites. The proposal was so cute! This was me while I was watching the proposal:

I loved this drama. I don’t know what else to say. It was just so good!